A Letter Home


New pen! New pen!

Greetings from Camp NaNoWriMo where J and I continue writing apace. J has already flown past his goal of 50,000 and is heading into Chapter 43 of a planned 72, so bully for him. I set a more modest Camp goal of 30,000 words, and I’m ahead of the game, quite nearly to 20,000 already. And since things are going so well, I decided to spend more time and money than strictly necessary looking at fountain pens this morning.

Now, my pen obsession might seem a bit much, but it’s really all about my health. (nods) During NaNoWriMo 2016, my Municipal Liaison (that’s the person who runs your local group for those of you unfamiliar with how NaNo works) loaned me some of her fountain pens. My hand was killing me from the death grip I typically have on my pens, and I found I really enjoyed the fountain pen, because I didn’t grip it so tightly or push so hard. I pretty immediately went out and bought a few pens, completely falling in love with the Pilot Petit. It’s less than $4, the cartridges are under $2 for a package of 3, and unlike the fancy metal pens, the plastic is light enough that I can write comfortably with it for hours at a time.

After last year’s NaNo, I’ve become even more thoughtful about how I write, because I somehow managed to strain the tendon in my shoulder, and there were a couple months there where I really couldn’t do much of anything with my arm because of it. It’s feeling more or less okay-ish at this point, but I pay a lot more attention to how I sit and support my arm while I’m writing now. And because being comfortable while I write is so important, I decided I needed another pen, so I ordered this bad boy this morning. I’ve never had a converter or used bottled ink before, so I’m looking forward to trying it out. And the cartridges are even cheaper for this pen than the Petit, so if I end up not liking the hassle of the converter but like the pen, I’m still in business.

And that’s all I have to say about pens today. Instead, I should really go use one to work on my Camp NaNo project. Although, a friend was talking up the Lamy Safari, and my birthday is next month, so…