Time Management


Did you remember to set your clocks back? (The astronomical clock in Prague. Our picture.)

I was all excited when I started NaNoWriMo this year with how together I was. I used October to not only to do my outline and research, but I finished up a couple of other writing projects so they wouldn’t be looming over my head all month. Next year, though, could someone please remind me that I need to write a couple of blog posts in October as well? There’s nothing like being behind on your NaNo novel and waking up in a cold sweat because it’s also your day to blog.

But, I did get an extra hour this morning, because I forgot to set the clocks back, so I can ramble at you all for a few minutes about what’s currently bothering me with my NaNo novel, which I titled The Swift True Road. (It’s a line from Petrarch, which suits my well-read Renaissance characters.) The characters and some of the incidents are based on a fanfic I wrote, and I just hit one of the scenes that I figured I could use from my fanfic. Obviously, I always knew I would need to make some changes, because they aren’t the exact same characters, and I was changing the POV of the scene. But when I started to write it yesterday, I realized I had a problem.

I wrote the scene better the first time.

There was a reason I chose the POV I did in the fanfic. And the setup there was so much easier, because I didn’t have to explain who the characters were or why they would be interested in one another. A lovely friend on Twitter tried valiantly to talk me through my despair last night, as did J, and I think what they helped me see is that my instincts were right when I planned this chapter—this is the story I need to tell and this is the POV I need to tell it from. I need to figure out how to make it work.

So, today, I’m going to push my way through this chapter, no matter what. It may suck, but that’s a problem for December me.


2 comments on “Time Management

  1. alyslee888 says:

    OK I’ll remind you


  2. jsmawdsley says:

    Thanks! I should have done more Persuasion posts!


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