I’m Late!


Lewis Carroll has been on the mind thanks to Philosofishal, a fellow local WriMo.

What can I say but that I’m running late for another write-in with my local NaNoWriMo group. My Camp NaNo is actually going great. I did some excellent work on my modern novel, The Sorrow Thereof, before I got a crazy idea for a new fanfic. Of course, the original idea was for what we call a one-shot in the fanfic world, meaning it was supposed to be short and self-contained. Then I got another idea, couldn’t figure out how on earth the scenario I had playing in my head could actually work, and then realized that what I needed was a bridge scene between my one-shot and my new idea, and I could put them together in one story. And as long as I was doing that, I thought I should maybe outline a little, give it an actual story instead of making it Porn Without Plot, and the next thing I know, I’m knee deep in a project I have outlined to run at least 18 chapters. But I’m absolutely in love with the story, and the drafting is just flying by, so I’m alright with everything I decided.

I try not to actually cross-contaminate, as it were, the work I do as part of JS Mawdsley with my fanfic, which I write under a completely different pseudonym, but when I finish this story up (which doesn’t have a title yet), I may make an exception. Some fellow fanfic authors who I’ve been chatting with lately about our processes have shown some interest in mine, so I’m trying to be more careful than usual documenting just how I go about writing so I can share the complete beginning to end process I go through with them when I’m finally ready to publish my story on AO3. If I think it’s of genuine value, I just might share it here as well.



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