A-Camping We Will Go

Milady ring

Milady wins the camp scavenger hunt.

Team Unicorn is still at camp this week.  S has been working on The Sorrow Thereof, her novel set in Cleveland and Chapel Hill.  And she just recently got a new idea for a Musketeers fanfic starring Athos and Milady de Winter, which she’s hoping to get started today.  Perhaps she’ll write more later about what she’s been up to.

I’m plugging away at my latest Myrciaverse novel, Joint Command.  It takes place immediately after one of the chapters of My Private War, involving many minor characters from that story, and it required a lot of pretty intensive outlining, just to make sure that I knew who was there and who wasn’t, and which characters already knew each other, and which ones are meeting for the first time.

There are definite benefits to this—I’m writing about characters I already know, for example, and I don’t need to spend much time figuring out who they are.  But there are problems, too.  For example, once I’d figured out which characters could possibly be around, and I’d identified the ones that would be most interesting for my main character to meet, I looked at my outline and discovered I had my heroine meeting three women in two pages, all of whom had names starting with the letters, “MA”: Marcella, Maedea, and Martina.  And the last two are pretty important in the story.

That’s the sort of thing you’d never do if you were able to start picking character names from scratch.  But there’s no way around it, other than to give them nicknames or codenames or something.  I’ll figure out a solution when I revise the novel.

Anyway, our Camp NaNo meeting is getting started, so it’s time for me to get writing in earnest.


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