Road Trip


The fantastic Cleveland skyline.

While J is between semesters, I’ve taken a week off work, and we’ve been doing a lot of writing. With both of our birthdays quickly approaching, we’re frantically trying to finish up presents for one another, hence our absence on Sunday. J, as always, is writing at an impressive clip, but in order to write my novel, we’re thinking of taking a road trip.

I’m trying something different for J’s present. It’s not fantasy and it’s modern. (This doesn’t frighten me too much. I may also be lying about that.) A big chunk of the story is going to take place in Cleveland, because I figured if I need it to take place in any American city other than New York, why not one I’ve been to and can visit anytime I want? The visiting part is actually kind of important to me, because while there’s a lot you can figure out about a modern city simply by looking online, I’d much rather scout locations. We already have potential spots picked out for my heroine’s apartment, place of work, as well as where some other characters live and spend their time. But I think it will add some authenticity if I literally ride the train from my heroine’s apartment to where she works, and walk around the neighborhood where she does her shopping.

There are certain to be lots of pics, and we will share them here. Also, keep an eye on our Twitter (@jsmawdsley), because we may be posting pictures there as well. Wish us luck!


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