Home from Camp!


Hey everyone!

S and I are back from camp, and once again, Team Unicorn is a winner: I wrote 149,156 words, finishing my newest novel, Written In Sand.  And S wrote 40,551 words spread among five different writing projects.  Of those, she completed three, including a 20,000-word fanfic.  So we both met our word-count goals for the month, and we’re both pretty happy with how our writing turned out.

Metaphorically speaking, we’re still unpacking our macrame art projects and still-damp swimsuits.  So we don’t have a real blog for you today.  What we do have, however, is a much-needed update to our page about “The Myrcia ‘Verse.”  Talking to one of our writer friends last night, at our last local write-in of the month, I realized that I hadn’t updated that page since last August, and that since then, I’ve written four books.  (This brings our collective total up to 28 3/4.)

So go check out that page, where you will discover such wonders as “epic banking” and the fusion of Mad Max and Juno.

We promise we’ll have a real blog again soon.  Probably.


2 comments on “Home from Camp!

  1. Great work, you two!


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