Ahead and Behind

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Sometimes your plans don’t pan out as expected. My silly edit of Howard Charles as Porthos on The Musketeers.

So, here’s the weekly update from Camp NaNoWriMo. J is breezing along with over 130,000 words, and he finished the Showdown (Climax) of his novel last night, so now he’s just wrapping up with the denouement. I’m around 25,000 (I only estimate my handwritten pages until I get them typed), which I think is an entirely respectable amount. Heck, if this were November NaNo and I were aiming for 50,000, I’d be darn near on target, so I feel good.

Of course, this isn’t November NaNo, and I set my word count goal at 35,000, so I should reach that easy-peasy, right? Well, yes and no. I originally set myself the task of writing 10,000 words in my Oleg Omdahl novel and 10,000 each in two different fanfic stories I’ve been working on, with the other 5,000 coming from wherever. Barring a freak lightning strike on this sunny, spring day, I’ll hit the 10,000 my novel today. But I haven’t actually written any words in either of the fanfic stories I had intended to work on this month. Instead, I spent the first week plus working on a brand new fanfic story I thought of just before the month began.

Granted, I could just count this story as one of the two fanfics I wanted to write this month, but I really do want to put in some time on both of those I had planned to work on. So, even though 35,000 is within my grasp, I’d still like to get at least 10,000 words in both of the stories I always intended to write this month, which means I have two weeks to write 20,000 words. Better get to work!


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