Campy Good Fun

Batman Robin

We’re like this, only we’re both Batman.

No, we’re not talking about one of our favorite CW shows. It’s 34° F, and there’s snow on the ground, and clearly that means we’re at Camp NaNo. I’m working on a longer novel—probably close to 150,000 words—and S is doing her Oleg and fanfic projects.

S just finished one of her three fanfic projects, and she’s at 13,500 words, which is above par at this point for her goal of 35,000 words in the month. I’m at about 80,000 words right now. My goal for the month was 50,000 words (even though I knew I would exceed that), and I hit that on day six.

Today we’re at Panera, meeting with our writer’s group, and then, we’ll be having a write-in here with some of the people in our cabin. Most of them are from our local NaNo group, and it’s fun to see them in April, rather than just November.

Assuming I can keep writing at my current rate, I’ll be finishing up sometime early next week. Then normally I would start rewriting and editing, but first I’ll have to grade my students’ final projects. And yes, I totally did arrange the syllabus to give myself extra time to write during early April. Sometimes it’s good to be the teacher.

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