Final Preparations


You know these guys are ready for Camp NaNo. 

Happy Easter! We did not make Easter eggs this year, but we did have a lovely ham and potato soup, which was very tasty. Seriously, you should all be jealous of our supper. It was awesome.

Camp NaNoWriMo starts this coming Friday, so S and I are finishing up our preparations. I wrote all of my character prompts, and I have lately been working on a map of the city where much of the story’s action takes place. As I have mentioned before, when I don’t have enough time to do a map from scratch, I sort-of cheat by taking the map of a real city and changing things around a bit. This makes the whole process much, much faster, and it means that the resulting map is likely to avoid serious geographical errors.

Now I’m going back over my outline and polishing it up a bit. Since I have a map of the city, and have named districts and streets and canals and temples, I can write those names into the outline, so I remember to mention them in the text.

I also caught what would have been a minor plot hole. One of my characters reveals his true identity to another character in chapter 15 or so, except that she should totally already know who he is. So that took some careful thought over my morning coffee before I figured out a way to make everything work out right. Morning coffee always makes everything better.

Finally, I “cast” my main POV characters. That is to say, I decided which actors I would use as their physical models. We’ve discussed this before, and apparently some people think this is a terrible idea. I’ve read people complaining about this who say that, “I’ve got this very definite idea of the character in my mind, and if I was thinking of an actor, then it would destroy that image.” No offense to those people, but I think what they really mean is, “I have this very, very vague idea of my character, and if I had to ‘cast’ him, then I would have to start thinking about boring, yucky stuff like concrete physical details.” Anyway, I think the exercise is terribly useful. I found pictures of the five actors I “cast.” Usually I like to have at least three for each character: one head shot looking serious; one head shot smiling; and one full-length, showing their general build and body type. Perhaps later in the month I’ll post some of these.

Good luck with Camp NaNo, and if you haven’t signed up yet, you really should go do that now!



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