Camp Projects


A beautiful edit by loveel-who.

So, I’m doing something different this year for Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m rotating through three different projects, hoping to write at least 10,000 words in each, plus another 5,000 of whichever project is particularly exciting me. One is my novel from last November’s NaNoWriMo, my latest in the Oleg Omdahl series, which is part of the Myrcia ‘verse. Then I’m going to be splitting time between two different fanfic projects.

Fiat Justitia
This is book three in the Oleg Omdahl series about a world-weary police detective. This is a big book for Oleg—the case is the murder of his boss and mentor. I love the book, and I enjoy writing it, but it’s long and I’ve been distracted by other writing projects, so I’m still chipping away. However, so I don’t lose my flow and ideas on it, I’ve been dipping into it every other week, and that means I’ve been consistently getting two chapters done every other week. By the end of Camp, assuming I keep up with my outline, I should write three or four chapters, and I’m really hoping for four, because that gets me to Oleg and his love interest finally having sex after two and half books of build.

Existing fanfic series
As regular readers of the blog know, I started writing Musketeers fanfic last summer. I hadn’t really meant for it to happen, but that original story was the beginning of a series that’s now at 53,000 words, and as I’ve planned it out, is only about half way written. The really exciting thing that I’m thinking about with the series is that once I have it finished and posted to AO3, I’m going to go back and re-edit these stories as an actual novel. If I can manage to finish the drafting, that might even be my July Camp NaNo project. Realistically, I’m hoping to get through most of the second half of Act 2 and break my poor lovers up, only to reunite them in May or June.

New fanfic series
One of the reasons I haven’t been getting more written in Oleg and the existing series is that I’ve been writing extra fanfic stories for friends. A delightful friend, the one responsible for the gorgeous edit at the top of this post, in fact, helped me brainstorm a story that I then wrote as a birthday present for her. And then another wonderful friend I met in The Musketeers fandom wrote me a couple of things, and I really wanted to return the favor, so I wrote her a little something. And then I started chatting with yet another lovely friend who offered to do some fanart for me in return for a story. Naturally, when she gave me a couple prompts, I decided that not only did I need to do them both, but I needed to combine them into a single series. I just finished drafting the first of three parts of that series, and fingers crossed, I might get it finished during Camp.

And those are my plans for Camp. Can we get started already?


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