The End is Nigh


Tomorrow is the last day of November and hence, the end of NaNoWriMo.  It’s been another winning year for Team Unicorn: I finished the two novels that I planned, and S got her 50,000 words last night, though her novel is going to be much longer than that eventually.

Since finishing my second book back on the 22nd, I’ve been revising.  I’m checking for consistency of voice and just generally smoothing out any wording that seems a bit rough.  Sooner or later, S and I will read through what we’ve done, and then I might revise some more based on that.  It’s funny how no matter how much revision you do on your own, when you go to read it aloud, suddenly there are glaring errors that you can’t believe you missed.

I’ve also been updating some of our reference materials.  For example, we keep a running list of all the in-verse music and literature that we’ve made up over the years for our books.  That way, if a character in some future book needs to hear a song, or read a book, we could look through the list and see if there’s something that already exists that would fit the bill.  That kind of consistent imaginary world of arts and literature gives the ‘verse a sense of realistic depth.

Anyway, both of the novels I wrote this November mention some of the in-verse books that we’ve mentioned before, and I even included summaries of them and even “excerpts.”  Those were fun to write.  So now I need to update our list of literature so that it indicates where I can look, in the future, to find those summaries and excerpts if I ever need to find them again.

Hopefully, if you did NaNo, you’ve won or are at least close to winning.  And if not, then there’s always Camp NaNoWriMo in April to look forward to!


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