Three Weeks In

Plot Ninjas

As of today, S and I have been working on our NaNo novels for three weeks. I finished my second one, A Meager Education, at our local write-in today at Panera Bread. If you do NaNo, and you don’t go to your local write-ins, you really ought to. Of course, yours probably will never be as awesome as ours are, because our ML (Municipal Liaison, or the local person in charge) is the best. She gives out plot ninjas, for example, and there’s really nothing more badass than a ninja. But I’m sure whatever your ML does will also be fun, even if it will never be as cool as a ninja.

S continues to press on toward her goal. She’s making excellent progress this weekend—so much so that she doesn’t have time for her own update. No doubt she will soon post here to let everyone know how she’s doing.

So carry on if you’re noveling. And if you’re not, what’s wrong with you? Get started!


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