One Down, One to Go

It’s time for an update on our NaNoWriMo novels.  I finished my first novel, In a Womanly Fashion (that’s the title, not the manner in which I wrote it), on Saturday, Nov. 7, with about 70,000 words, having hit 50,000 words on Thursday, Nov. 5.  I’d never done fifty thousand in five days before, so I have to admit I’m pretty pleased with it.

I’ve spent the week since finishing reading through it and doing a preliminary revision, while also reviewing the outline and reference files I’ve made for my second novel, A Meager Education.  Over the past few days, I wrote my character prompts to get a sense of who the main characters are.  Tonight at our local write-in at Panera Bread, I started it, and I’m nearly done with the second chapter.  Hopefully I’ll finish that tonight before going to bed.

As for S, I’m sure she’ll stop in to give an update on her progress sometime soon.  The way she started one of her chapters tonight was particularly clever, I thought.


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