What I’m Writing These Days

dock 29 cover take 2

Cover of S’s novel, Dock 29. Pic St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg taken by J.

So, last week when I was supposed to be blogging, I decided that I was getting nowhere fast with my revision of The Queen’s Tower for Camp NaNoWriMo, so I decided to switch projects. I’m now enthusiastically revising my first Oleg Omdahl mystery, Dock 29, and finding myself pleasantly surprised with how much I kind of like the novel. Even lowering my word count goal for the month, I still might not win NaNo this go round, especially with our attendance at GenCon robbing me of the last two days of the month, but I’m okay with that. I’m writing and enjoying it for the first time in awhile.

To be fair, I’m also spending a fair amount of time screwing around on social media, watching TV, and reading fanfic. <shrug> It is what it is. And if writing is supposed to be fun, at least a little bit every once in awhile, I am having a good time ranting about things, like this plea to the TV gods. (This is taken directly from my fangirl tumblr account.)

Do you know what I wish for most? To love a TV show that isn’t in danger of cancellation, that doesn’t have a tiny fandom, that I know will be there when I tune in. I watch some shows that fall into this category, but they aren’t the shows I love beyond reason. Yeah, I’m looking at you Game of Thrones, although you have source material problems, so it’s not entirely your fault. And I’m looking at you, too, The Vampire Diaries. You’re my old comfy slipper, but would I be crushed if you suddenly went away? Meh. And you, especially Once Upon a Time, the show that became so tedious I broke up with you because you were no longer interesting enough for me to watch while folding laundry.

No, the shows I love are pushed to mid-season (The 100), finish last in their time slot (The Originals), need to be saved by other outlets (Community), or can’t get saved at all (Hannibal). What must it be like to love a show that does well in the ratings, has its network’s support, and gets renewed early ever year? I just want The Musketeers to be the most popular thing on TV and for Starz to love Da Vinci’s Demons as much as I do. Is this really too much to ask?

Why do the TV gods have no mercy upon me? Did I not pay the great sacrifice more than a decade ago when they ripped Firefly away from me? Where is the sympathy I deserve, the support someone with my abandonment issues needs? Where is the wildly popular show I can love with all my heart?

And that’s what I’ve been writing. (J, of course, won NaNo ages ago and is now busy working on reference works for the Myrcia ‘verse.)



2 comments on “What I’m Writing These Days

  1. “Where is the wildly popular show I can love with all my heart?” You probably already knew, but mine’s called Outlander. 😉


  2. jsmawdsley says:

    I’ve got that on hold at the library. I’m just wondering if I’m going to like the TV series better than the novel, which I didn’t finish. I had…an issue and stopped reading at the same point as many other people. I’m curious to see if the show handled it differently.


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