We’re Back at Camp!

Happy July 4th (a day late)!
fireworks_rwbReaders of this blog will recall that S and I already did Camp NaNoWriMo this year in April.  But as we mentioned at the time, there are in fact TWO sessions of Camp NaNo per year: one in April and one in July.  So here we are again, in our metaphorical tent, by the metaphorical lake, with our metaphorical macramé craft projects.

My first project this month is a new novel, The Path of the Son.  Here’s the description I posted on the Camp NaNo site:

An old soldier and his trusted manservant venture into foreign lands to bring back the soldier’s son before he can make the mistake of his life: joining the army…as a mercenary for the enemy.  Meanwhile, the son meets a girl he likes, who introduces him to her employer, a powerful witch.  And the witch seems so helpful at first.  But what’s her real reason for helping him?  A son learns about romance.  A father learns how to understand his son.  And a lady’s maid learns that her mistress has a much darker side.

The witch (or female hillichmagnar, properly speaking, in our ‘verse) is a minor character with a pivotal role in the Quartet.  And there’s a cameo from one of the POV characters from Keara of Glen Taran, as well.

Although the story originally started, in my mind, as a quest story starring this old (actually middle-aged) knight and his servant, the thing that got me really excited about writing it was realizing that I could put this particular sorceress in the novel as a (relatively) young person.  In the Quartet, we see her almost literally at the other end of her life, nearly 1,800 years later (our wizards live to be about 2,000, give or take a few years).  At that point, she is, frankly, a rather gruff and bitter and unpleasant person, who has been carrying grudges for hundreds and hundreds of years.  So it’s been fun trying to figure out what she might have been like before all that happened.

So far I’ve finished 9 chapters (of a planned 25), and it seems to be going well.  Another challenge of this particular story, as it was with Keara of Glen Taran and A Glass of Sand and Stars, is simply that it takes place so very, very, very long before the time period of the Quartet.  And so I have to try to make it seem like the culture is different enough that the reader can see it’s much older, and yet still similar enough that it seems like the Point A of this story might conceivably lead to the Point B, C, and D of our later stories.

I’m also getting to use some of the cultural backstory stuff for our big Empire that I was working on through May and June, so that’s kind-of fun.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have further updates as the month goes on.



Greetings from Camp! Once again, I’m tackling The Queen’s Tower, and hopefully by the end of the month the novel will be in good enough shape J and I can do a read through together. I’ve got some new flashback chapters to write that will hopefully allow it all to hang together, but otherwise I’m just trying to make the existing stuff better. We’ll see.

And I have to comment on J’s description of the hillichmagnar in his novel as, “gruff and bitter and unpleasant person.” He’s being polite. Generally, this is how we refer to her. (Not Safe For Work audio.)


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