Hypothetically Speaking…

Hypothetically speaking, S might possibly be working on my birthday present. I wouldn’t know anything about it, of course, but if I did, I imagine she might be writing me a short story depicting an important moment in the life of a major historical figure in Myrcian history—the guy who will be the protagonist of Magnificent Kingdom when we get around to writing that.

So, what I’m saying is that, once again, we’re going to have to put off our list of Best Fantasy Characters. Honestly, we really do mean to get back to that sooner or later.

What I’m doing this evening is to work on reference material. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve got files with background info on all the major countries of our ‘verse. But the problem is that it’s all very Myrcia-centric. That is to say, we know everything that a given country does that affects events in Myrcia, but we don’t know very much about what happens in those countries at other times. So I’m going through and trying to fill in some blanks about the big Empire to the north. It’s the country that Sabrina serves in My Private War, so I think having some more of the history worked out will help when we want to revise those books.

Anyway, that’s what we’re up to tonight. That and going down to the basement periodically to make sure it isn’t flooding from all the rain we’ve gotten today.


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