What do you want? It’s November.

J and I are busy doing NaNo, as you can see from the handy word count widgets. J is a crazy machine and I feel like a total slacker, but in reality, we are both moving along quite nicely.  (Well, I restarted my novel, The Queen’s Tower, 5 times, but that restart and the fact that I’m writing that novel and not book 3 in my Oleg Omdahl series are stories for another day.)

Anyhow, neither of us is feeling especially bloggy tonight.  But we didn’t want to miss our usual Sunday evening, so I stopped in to at least provide a link to a good blog.  It’s a longish, but very worthwhile read from Scott Westerfeld about POV.  (POV being my nemesis this weekend. See: started novel 5 times comment above.)

So, enjoy the link and NaNo if you’re participating.  See you next Sunday, at least briefly, if not before!


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