Mightier Than the Sword

S and I are a mixed marriage; I compose everything at the computer, while she likes to write everything by hand and then type it up. Likewise, when I revise, I always do it on my computer, while S sometimes likes to print out a copy of the story or chapter she’s working on and mark it up with pen or pencil.

Right now, her favorite pen for writing is the Bic Velocity.

Whether it begins on paper or on a keyboard, all of our stories eventually end up as Word docs, which we access on any one of our growing collection of laptops. All of the computers are named after characters in our stories.

We’re both very particular about keyboards. S particularly likes Lenovo keyboards. Right now, her main laptop is a Lenovo Z510 named Konrad.

Konrad is less than a year old, and is the newest laptop in the house. S wanted a laptop that had 1) a 1080p screen, 2) the best processor in the house (finally), 3) at least 8 GB of ram, 4) a CD/DVD drive, and 5) a good backlit keyboard, while still being 6) no more than about $800. It’s amazing how few laptops actually met all those requirements.

For greater mobility, S also has Leofe, a Lenovo Yoga 11 (the original one, with Windows RT).

Leofe is pretty slow, but it gets absolutely amazing battery life. And being able to flip the screen back and use it as a tablet is kind-of cool, too. Not that we do that very often, but it’s cool in theory, at least.

My main laptop is an HP 8560p, which is named Esmond.

It’s more than three years old now, but the i7 2720QM in it is still very fast, so I’m not in a great deal of hurry to find a replacement. Esmond weighs 6.4 pounds, though, so usually when I’m leaving the house, I take one of my two smaller and lighter laptops.

The first is my little old netbook, a Toshiba NB305 named Rhys.

It’s not very powerful at all (opening several large documents or spreadsheets at once is an exercise in frustration), but it’s more than 5 years old now, and the battery life is still pretty good.

The second is Erlene, an 11″ MacBook Air.

Erlene isn’t actually mine–it belongs to my mom, who wants me to learn how to use OS X so I can teach her. Sooner or later, therefore, I’m going to have to give Erlene back (and presumably provide tech support afterward).

There are more, which I might introduce sometime, but these are the ones we do most of our story work on.

It would be unkind of me to say which of our stable of laptops I like the best; I refuse to play favorites. Generally, I like whichever one happens to be on hand at any given moment.



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