So it begins

Between the two of us, we’ve written 17  3/4 novels.

(Holy crap! I honestly hadn’t realized it was that many.)

Most of those are still lingering as first drafts, although our original 4 book series we wrote together (The Myrcia Quartet) has been through drafts uncountable.  We rewrote from the ground up the first book of that series (This Present Life) earlier this year.  After a few more touches, we think it might finally be time to do something crazy–try and sell it.  Of course, before that, we need to get it copy edited and do some homework on agents and publishers so we have some clue what to do with it.

We’re guessing this process might be an adventure.  And if not, writing itself it an adventure, especially with NaNoWriMo coming up.  (My next book in my fantasy/crime series in the Myrcia ‘verse is already outlined.  And when I say “outlined,” the outline is 11K words.)  We’ll probably end up talking all about our created universe, writing tips we’ve run across, and the kind of extreme outlining we do that leads to novel scheduled to run around 70K words having a 11K word outline.  And when we need a break from that, there’s always joy in ripping apart books and movies and trying to figure out why they work or don’t work.

See you along the way!


One comment on “So it begins

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